Claire & Phil - 24th April 2016 @ Nonsuch Mansion
December 13th, 2016 11:05 PM

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We arrived at the amazing Nonsuch Manison nice and early to set for Claire and Phil's big day.  Setup complete!  I had a brief chat with Claire and Phil about their song choices and how they would like to do there first dance and if they were still up for doing the whole dance on there own!  We cut the cake and encouraged the guests to take photos.  Guests applauded as the cake was cut and I was confident of a great night from that point :) 
Claire and Phil made their way onto the dance floor and the guests once again put their hands together and cheered for the happy couple.  The choice for the first dance was “Heroes by David Bowie” which again was followed by a massive cheer and another round of applause. The rest
of the night went brilliantly with a full dance floor for most of the evening.  The songs of the night were ”Mr Brightside” and the classic Beatles track “All you need is love”.  Claire and Phil are a fantastic couple who seemed to really enjoy their evening.  I wish them a great future together and many
congratulations.  Hope you enjoy there play list.
DJ John

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