Richard & Stacey Long Furlong Barn 16th Jul '16
July 26th, 2016 10:05 PM

As we arrived at Long Furlong Barn for Richard & Stacey's wedding, I heard some great accolades for the speeches! 

After the tables were cleared we swooped in and set up our ‘Diamond Plus’ disco package with star light dance floor in white transforming the room into a delightful setting ready for the first dance.  Once set, I called for all the guests to the edge of the dance floor and proceeded to introduce the bride and groom to the dance floor for the all-important first dance. 

Lots of great tracks Old & New as you can see in the list below were played as the Lovely Bride Stacey rocked all the famous routines with Lois, the Bridesmaids and her Mum Chris who was hoisted nearly above Dad Steve's head during the Dirty Dancing Megamix! was brilliant! 

To add, the famous Michael Jackson Megamix always bring out the MJ moves, as a ring formed around this sharp looking chap around early 20's as he broke out into a moonwalk!  Again, this was amazing.  A perfect recreation of the MJ moves (The best I’ve seen at a wedding!).  And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, he was joined by a boy aged about 11 who had his own street dance/breakdance moves and absolutely rocked the floor.  Again, it was great!


Wishing Richard & Stacey all the very best


Kind Regards


DJ Steve S

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