Sarah & Joel?s - 17th June 2016 ? Woodlands Park Hotel
June 28th, 2016 10:48 PM

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For Sarah & Joel’s special evening we had been booked to provide our Classic Disco Package, plus mood lighting.
Once the room was turned around for the evening, we welcomed all the guests back into the room and then introduced Sarah & Joel to the dancefloor for the Bride and Grooms first dance.
Their choice of song for the first dance was Christina Perry – A Thousand Years, and halfway through the song, as instructed, I invited all their friends and family to join them on the dance floor.
The guests were fantastic, dancing on the floor, asking for requests including a bit of Motown as well as enjoying songs from the bride and grooms ‘preferred song’ choices.
As the night went on I could tell that Sarah loved her music, as she seemed to sing along to practically everything that was played!
Around 10.00pm and all the guests were invited outside onto the terrace for a group photograph with everybody having a sparkler. Once the returned into the room, Joel later asked me for a particular favourite of his that he would like which he didn’t initially asked for on their playlist.  He wanted Lil’ Wayne – Lollipop. I played it at the best suited time and he loved every minute of it.
For the weddings that we do, the evening receptions all tend to have their own natural flow.  This is why no two weddings are ever the same, especially for us.  Sarah & Joel’s evening was no exception and with a last minute change of the song to end the night to Usher – ‘Love In This Club’, they had all their guests on the dancefloor for their last song and you really could see how much love all their friends and family had for them both.
I would like to thank them again for their kind words at the end of the evening.  It was an incredible night and Sarah & Joel are a truly amazing and inspiring couple.  It was a sincere pleasure to be part of their special day.
I wish them a fantastic future together.
Martin F x

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