VERY PROUD To Be A Recommended Supplier To One Of The World’s Largest Entertainment Establishments
March 30th, 2016 11:51 AM

We are a super happy team today having received this in the post.  As you can see we have worked extensively with Merlin Entertainments for many years being local to one of the biggest theme attractions in the UK, Chessington World of Adventures.  As a team we worked tirelessly to make the prestigious STAR AWARDS really stand out for all the right reasons supplying a multitude of services to Sasha and the team at Merlin.  This is a very important event for the company and we know only too well how critical it is to get it right.  Please see our blog from this event:

Thank you to Sasha and the team for expressing your gratitude and we look forward to a very healthy continues working relationship with you in the future.

Steven Boys

Managing Director - Surrey Event Services Ltd

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