Jamie & Emily's Wedding Celebration 19th March 2016 @ Radisson Blu, Guildford
March 22nd, 2016 07:54 AM

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As I arrived at Jamie & Emily's Wedding at The Radisson Hotel in Guildford.  I was greeted by the lovely guests and of course the Bride & Groom, whom at the time were very nervous of their first-dance.  I re -assured them it will all be fine and there were no ‘expectations’.  Just sway and enjoy the moment.  Personally on actually witnessing it, I felt they executed the moment perfectly!

The room looked stunning with white and pink up lighting as decorated by us to include chair and table decoration.

We had a great night filled many dancing antics to all of the requests Jamie and Emily had chosen.  We also included some great guest requests to make the perfect wedding play list for the newlyweds.  I moved through genres throughout the evening and had fun playing a great mixture of music that would have appealed to everyone at some points as you'll see in the playlist attached below (click the ‘see more option’).

I would like to wish a huge congratulations to Jamie & Emily and thank family and Guests for making our work a complete pleasure.

Steve S & First Dance DJ

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