Wedding Reception - 12 March 2016 @ Red Barn
March 19th, 2016 08:07 AM

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A fantastic night was had by all this evening with dancing from start to finish.  A great first dance selected by the Bride & Groom – Hey Ho by The Lumineers .

This was definitely a party crowd who wanted a great time.  Michelle and Graham should be proud that all of their guests had an amazing evening and thoroughly enjoyed the night. All genres of music were played to keep a mixed age crowd entertained.

I requested that all the single ladies were on the dance floor for the bride to throw her bouquet, once caught I played Beyonce, All the Single Ladies.

I finished with a garage set, as requested by the bride Michelle.

A brilliant venue,  fun guests and a fantastic bride and groom. I wish them a happy life together.

Full playlist to follow but tunes of the night included:

·         500 MILES

·         HAPPY

·         IM A BELIEVER

·         REACH S CLUB

·         GET DOWN ON IT

·         UPTOWN FUNK


·         DON’T STOP ME NOW


·         JUMP AROUND

·         HIPS DON’T LIE

·         COME ON EILEEN

·         SHOW ME LOVE

·         SOUL BANANA

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