Wedding Reception - Mr And Mrs Tuck - 12th March 2016 @ Woodlands Park
March 18th, 2016 07:37 AM

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Mr and Mrs Tuck Celebrated their wedding clearly full of extremely close friends and family for what resulted in a beautiful evening and I was lucky enough to DJ for them and help with the celebrations of this amazing day for them all.

Starting the night with the cake cutting, the brand new bride and groom placing their hands on top of the knife and slicing through the cake followed by a huge round of applause from the wave of friends and family watching on from beside them.  They then made their way to the centre of the dance floor where they got into position for their first dance.  As they embraced on the centre of the dance floor and the lights shone onto them, women and men looked in awe at the beauty before them.  Claire in her stunning dress and Michael in his perfectly tailored suit.  Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight.... played softly through the speakers cradling the couple smoothly into their first shared dance, with everyone swaying in rhythm of the music they all began to join the brand new bride and groom on the dance floor marking this monumental moment.  As the song faded away a tremendous applaud and cheer for the brand new bride and groom filled the room. Then the night began, starting with the 80's right through to 90's, even taking it back to the 60's and 70's. The evening was full of fun and laughter and every body got involved from all generations. 

This was a fantastic evening and an absolute pleasure to for me to be part of not only personally but as part of the tem hear at Surrey Event Services, the song of the night was Wonderwall by oasis. This was their last song and made for an incredible ending to a very special day for Mr and Mrs Tuck.

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